An Ant-to-End Solution For Wireless Java

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Erik Wetterberg
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The following table shows the release history of Antenna (recent changes appear in the main page)

Date Version Changes
?? 0.9.16-beta Fixed a bug with the #expand directive in the new preprocessor
12-May-2007 0.9.15-beta There are several new features and improvements in this release which was contributed by Omry Yadan, who joined the project recently
  • New preprocessor backend with variable support, as well as device database integration and eclipse plugin
  • WtkSign introduced
  • Added the ability to select a JAD from a directory with a UI to WtkRun
  • Added Device task that allow extraction of device specific properties from a devices database file (TODO: document)
12-Jul-06 0.9.14 Okay, it's been a while. :-) But version 0.9.14 is finally out, mostly thanks to the help of Fred Grott. News are WTK support up to version 2.5 as well as support for several other toolkits.
29-Aug-04 0.9.13 Added support for WTK 2.2 beta (patch provided by Fred Grott). Added support for BlackBerry RAPC compiler (courtesy of Enrique Ortiz). IBM PalmOS PRC converter now uses jartoprc.exe instead of jad2prc.exe (fixed by Xiaodan Zhou). Added some new options to preprocessor (as requested by Steve Oldmeadow). Possibly some other fixes by people who are not mentioned here (sorry for that).

The next release will feature an improved version of the preprocessor (sorry for still not having it integrated, Andre).

26-Jun-04 - Number of downloads has passed the mark of 10000 last night.
25-Apr-04 0.9.12 A new release, finally. Don't know why it took so long to get this one out. Biggest news is WTK 2.1 and up-to-date WME compatibility. Fixed bugs in date formatting and file sorting of OTA servlet. Manifest can now go into the JAR in raw, unchanged form. Several fixes and optimizations in the preprocessor. Working directory is not set to $jdk/bin during preverification any longer. Obfuscators don't need to be in $jdk/bin or classpath any longer. Fixed a problem with JAD loading and empty lines. Classpath for preverifier is quoted if necessary. Credits for this version go to: Darryl L. Pierce, Kjell M. Myksvoll, Glenn Engel, Gabriela Chiribau, Tore Storødegård, Csaba Kertesz, Elliot Daniel Sumner, Guy Tomer, and Michael Van Meekeren.
02-Dec-03 - Antenna has been covered in a J2ME article by (German) JavaSpektrum magazine.
08-Oct-03 0.9.11 Preprocessor correctly handles #include when a "blind part" is encountered (#775880). WtkObfuscate allows to choose between ProGuard and RetroGuard, if both are present (#780182). WtkJad allows to specifiy encoding for JAD file (#781486). All three thanks to Janusz Gregorczyk. Working directory set to "<JAVA_HOME>/bin" when calling preverifier. Might resolve strange preverification errors some users encountered (thanks to Frédéric Dubuisson). Allowed to turn off -cldc parameter during preverification (#789131) and shortened task definition to one line (both courtesy of Jim O'Leary). Fixed small problem with target attribute of WtkJad (#798831, thanks to Thiago Leão Moreira). Fixed two problems with the OTA servlet and the WAP template (both thanks to Werner Baumann). All tasks that support classpaths should also support references to classpaths now (as noted by Gyula Kun-Szabo). Added support for Websphere PRC converter and piped preverifer output to Ant console (as suggested by Michael Kroll). Encoding for preprocessor file access can be specified (patch by Yuri Magrisso). CreateXXX signatures now feature proper class of return value instead of Object (thanks to Edwin van Ouwerkerk Moria). Order of debugging parameters for emulator[.exe] changed.

Sorry to those whose additions didn't make it into the new version, but after more than two months I wanted to have this version released. I'll consider your stuff for the next version - promised.

16-Jul-03 0.9.10 I've somewhat recovered from the "lost notebook" problem. The bad news is that I lost some (non-Antenna) code due to not doing backups regularly. The good news is that I now have a new and very cool ThinkPad. :) I tried to work through the collected mails this evening, incorporated fixes and produced a new version. We also have a project logo now, thanks to Steve Oldmeadow.

Preserve element in WtkPackage now honors if/unless attributes. ProGuard now called with "-dontusemixedcaseclassnames" by default to avoid Problems under Windows (both thanks to Elmar Sonnenschein). Provided proper support for Ant's ZipFileSet et. al to fix bug #739447 (also mapped libclasspath feature on it, thus saving some code). Fixed stupid exception in preprocessor when including files. Allowed #include directive to interpret Ant-style properties (both thanks to Steve Oldmeadow, too).

15-Jun-03 - Unfortunately, my Notebook has been stolen from my Office this week. :-( In addition to a number of uncommitted Antenna fixes I lost the e-mail of a whole month. Could all the people who mailed me regarding Antenna between 10-May-03 and 10-Jun-03 please send me these mails again (possibly including responses received from me)?
27-Jun-03 - I have set up a mailing list for Antenna. The list address is "antenna at pleumann.de". Subscriptions are managed via "antenna-request at pleumann.de". Send a mail with subject "subscribe" to become a member. Due to ever-increasing spam problems and my unwillingness to delete dozens of garbage messages per day, posting requires list membership. External postings will be rejected automatically and without moderation. I will also provide a HTML list archive once I find the time.
18-Apr-03 0.9.9 Added support for "if" and "unless" parameters in all tasks and all nested elements (as suggested by Elmar Sonnenschein). Build script now compiles against current Ant version. JAD task has new parameter for specifying URL for later deployment. Various fixes and extensions to the pre- and postprocessing tasks (credits for all go to Jay Goldman). Replaced modifed MANIFEST.MF created by RetroGuard with original one to get rid of signing information (suggested by Kadocsa Tassonyi). Added deployment task and OTA servlet.

BTW: Is anyone who's better at The GIMP than me willing to provide a logo for the project? Something like an ant with mobile phone or a satellite dish on its head...? :-)

31-Mar-03 0.9.8 Fixed typo in WtkRun which hindered remote debugging (thanks to Tyler Pitchford). Changed JAD/MANIFEST handling so that the properties copied from a JAD to a MANIFEST.MF are restricted to those explicitly allowed by the MIDP 2.0 specification (patch courtesy of Richard Kunze). Introduced new Ant properties to specify default BOOTCLASSPATH for all tasks. Fixed bug in WtkJad task where MANIFEST.MF was written to same file as JAD. Added possibilities to control extension and indentation of preprocessed files (suggested by Yuri Magrisso). Dropped "defaultpackage" option in favor of a generic way to pass proprietary arguments to obfuscators (suggestion by Janusz Gregorczyk).

I also changed the CLASSPATH the preverifier is called with to cope with problems reported by several people. From now on, the emptied-out API is used only for RetroGuard. If there are still problems with preverification (or new ones, which I don't hope), please tell me!

09-Mar-03 0.9.7 Put quotes around file names passed to external Java and native tools to deal with spaces in paths (thanks to Robert Virkus, Janusz Gregorczyk, and again to Andras Salamon). Fixed naming problem in methods dealing with classpath references. Fixed problem with preverify task not deleting temporary directory. Obfuscator doesn't need to be in "${wtk.home}/bin" any longer - it can also be in CLASSPATH (suggested by Janusz Gregorczyk). Added remote debugging support to emulator task (suggested by Walter Chang), as well as trace options. Made preprocessor resistent to trailing whitespace or tabs.
12-Feb-03 0.9.6 Preverifier is now called with "-cldc" switch. Fixed a bug with copying temporary files that resulted in non-verified JARs (thanks to Doug Johnson and the students from CSE 403). Tasks now check if "wtk.home" points to proper WTK directory. Added "defaultpackage" option for ProGuard preverifier (as suggested by Andras Salamon). Post processing tasks now support "classpathref" and "bootclasspathref" attributes (via patch provided by Mat Trudel) and are able to update a JAD file automatically. Fixed several other bugs reported by users.
29-Dec-02 0.9.5 Removed some differences between documentation and implementation (aka bugs) of WtkPreprocess.
28-Dec-02 0.9.4 Added preprocessing task. Fixed a NPE problem in the SmartLink task (thanks to Chris Hyzer). Added support for showing stdout/stderr of emulated MIDlets (as suggested by Doug Johnson).
21-Dec-02 0.9.3 Added support for ProGuard obfuscator/optimizer. Used platform path separator where appropriate (thanks again to Andras). Improved error detection for external programs. Unified interface for smart linking and obfuscating.
15-Dec-02 0.9.2 Added task for smartlinking/optimizing a JAR file. And, yes, the supposed "source" ZIP file contained the classes only. :-) Thanks go to Andras Salamon for pointing this out.
07-Dec-02 0.9.1 Added tasks for JAD/MANIFEST handling and for calling the emulator. Renamed several elements, most notably WtkCompile to WtkBuild. Fixed lots of bugs and hopefully introduced not as many new ones. :-)
01-Dec-02 0.9.0 Initial public release.